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Project Details

River City Casino

Lemay, Missouri

  • Concrete Strategies provided the foundations for this 270,000-square-foot facility with a 90,000-square-foot casino.
  • The basin walls required a staggered pattern with a minimum of fourteen days between adjacent pours. Through careful planning, CSI was able to develop a pattern that allowed us to “gang” the wall and pour sections without any significant waits, thereby keeping our form rental costs to a minimum.
  • The concrete material primarily used on this job was a standard 4000 PSI mix. Ipanex was added to the basin walls for the casino barge to make the concrete less permeable. This both helped waterproof the structure and protected the reinforcing the in the basin walls since it was not epoxied.
  • The Ipanex did cause the concrete to reach high temperatures very quickly and required cooling at an earlier point than would ordinarily be required. This was mitigated by pouring early in the morning and by producing the concrete at a nearby plant which reduced the haul time.
  • Concrete Council of St. Louis – 2009 Quality Concrete Award